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Welcome to My World!

Hi All,

I'm Magdalene, author of the debut novel, The Physician: The Stolen Ones Book One. I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and now live in the beautiful state of West Virginia. I live there with my husband and two dogs. The most interesting thing I've done in my life was live in Moscow, Russia over the summer of 1997 while studying International Relations and Eastern European studies. That experience allowed me to get in touch with my roots as my family came from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century. I'm excited to share my dreams and my stories with all of you.

How did The Physician come about?

The Physician is actually the second novel that I wrote. I started with the upcoming The Comforter and about halfway through the process of writing that story I realized it wasn't the beginning. Thus, I put that project to the side and began to write The Physician to introduce my world to my audience. The original idea came to me in a vivid dream one night and I couldn't get the idea out of my head.

In the midst of the pandemic, I found myself with an abundance of time and without my normal creative outlet of playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. I have many years of experience crafting worlds and stories for players and thought I might be able to put my idea to paper.

The beginning of the process was not easy and only my husband was supportive of my efforts. However, as the stories began to take shape, more and more of my friends and family jumped on board to cheer me on. I was blessed with great friends who read the early drafts of my books and gave me great insights and advice. Without them and my amazing editor, my book would not have taken shape into something I am truly proud of.

My advice to new authors

When I started this journey, I was just living my life and enjoying time with friends and family. I firmly believe if you have the desire to share your own stories with the world, it is very doable. It can feel daunting when you begin your writing process. Whether you are a planner (someone who creates outlines of the story before you write) or a pantser (someone who writes off the cuff) the point is to write.

Set goals for yourself in terms of word or page count and stick to them. I personally set a goal of five pages per day. Sometimes, life changes that goal and I miss it by a couple of pages and sometimes I get extra time or "in the zone" and write more. My average remains five pages. Your first draft doesn't have to be perfect, that's what editing is for. Get your story down and then you can go back and refine your scenes and fix grammatical mistakes. Also, remember, your editor is going to suggest changes and catch those things that you missed. Trust your editor and listen to them. Mine was amazing and without her, my book would have been mediocre at best.

You can do this. I believe in you. Drop a comment if you have questions and I'd be happy to help.

If you want to experience a world of supernatural suspense with a spicy romance. You can find The Physician at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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