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The Stolen Ones: The Physician

Jake Perlman’s fate changed forever as a child when a dam broke on the way to school, washing his bus over a bridge.

Before the Angel of Death could claim him, a Shepherd named Omiel stole Jake from his fate.


Now as a Stolen in his adulthood, Jake uses his powers under Omiel’s guidance to assemble his coterie, a group of Stolen with abilities like his.


Yael Taube learned in her youth she would become a Companion, the soulmate to a Stolen. After an unfortunate event finds Yael in the presence of her Stolen, Jake, things take motion.


Jake and Yael learn of their fates and see hope for their future. However, pulling the coterie together is anything but easy. Between their shared trauma, doubt in their fate, and evil beings called Sirens trying to harm them, the coterie’s future is anything but certain. Despite the Shepherds’ direction, there are dangers ahead. If the Stolen and their


Companions come together too soon, it could lead to their undoing, but the world and the coterie are counting on their success.

Book no.1
The Stolen Ones: The Comforter

Dangers follow Tatiyanna and Daniel halfway around the world and only Tatiyanna's powers can save them.


Tatiyanna Demczak's life has never been easy. Between two jobs and keeping her strange powers a secret, she finds little time to make new friends or date. After her living situation becomes dangerous, her old roommate, Yael, helps her find a new place to live where a chance meeting turns her life upside down.

Daniel Dupree strives to improve the lives of those around him, but he's tired of being alone. Circumstances reunite him with the woman who has haunted his dreams for four years and set him on a path of discovering a world he never knew existed. Can he learn to trust in things he cannot see for the chance at true love?

As Tatiyanna and Daniel explore their newfound relationship, Tatiyanna discovers she's not alone with her secrets, and is destined to help save the world.

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